Effect of light on roots

peterls(N Yorks, UK)October 26, 2009

I have been growing some cuttings of Salvias and other plants. The only way of knowing if there is enough root growth, to pot them up, is to turn the pot of cuttings upside down, remove the pot, and inspect.

If there is good root growth - there is no problem. But if there in no root growth, you want to put the cuttings back in their pot. But you can't. Without the roots the compost has crumbled away and fallen to pieces. So I have put some of my cuttings into transparent pots (just disposable picnic tumblers - with a few drain holes), so that you can see the root growth.

But is light detremental to root growth? On Googling, there are people who say it is, but without an explanation as to why. But at the same time cuttings grown in water have their roots fully exposed to light and don't seem to suffer.

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Should be fine if you can see the roots. Once you pot them in a potting soil you will need to keep them in the same location so they can root into the new soil.Sorry about the late reply.

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Thanks for coming back hybridsage. I am now convinced that there is no problem with a bit of light getting at the roots of cuttings.

There are many people on the internet saying there could be a problem. But when you consider that you can grow roots on cuttings in a glass of water, and that special clear gel is sold for rooting cuttings, there can't be a serious problem

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