Salvia - Nymph Coral

barb_roselover_inSeptember 8, 2007

I have a salvia in my containers that I just love. It is called Nymph Coral. First of all, is it hybrid so that it would not look the same from gathering the seed, and secondly, how do I get the seed? Has anyone collected seed from this plant? Thanks so much. - Barb

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This is a photo of mine from last year. After the coral and white part of the flower falls off you will have a green "cup-like" bottom left. When the green part turns brown pick it off. You should have brown/black seeds in it. They almost look like mouse "dirt".

Hope this helps.


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To simplify saving seeds from Coral Nymph as well as most of the Salvias I have, I cut off the flower spike when it is about 3/4 to fully brown, place the cut stems upside down in a paper bag and leave them a couple of days. When I am ready to package the seeds, I give the bag a few shakes, remove the flower stems, and most of the seeds will be in the bottom of the bag.
Most of the offspring will probably be Coral Nymph, but you may get a few that are "off." Out of about 30 Coral Nymph plants from saved seeds I got on GW this spring, all looked like Coral Nymph but 3, which were red.

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Someone had sent me Coral Nymph, which I had wintersown, and they did indeed come true, and looked identical to the ones I had purchased.

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Thanks so much for the answers. How informative!!.I appreciate your replies and especially noted the one about winter sowing (which I do). We had a bad spring here, so I will not take that chance with next year's plants. Barb

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Mine were wintersown, and worked great. Still blooming like crazy.


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