Salvia subrotunda observation!

hummersteveOctober 19, 2011

Early this year I gave my sister 4 subrotunda plants and you should see them they are a big wow and I mean big. Mine never look this good. Mine get full sun most of the day. Hers are in a molded concrete form maybe 3-4" deep if that on the east side and they mainly get only filtered sunlight since her neighbor has some tall trees. Im guessing she only gets full sun for a couple of hours at best. I can get photos of these for anyone interested if the cold doesnt get them first.

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Definitely a shade-loving Salvia. In direct sun, flowers fall off after mid-day. Just like S. amarissima.

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Im aware of that now always thought it liked more sun. Theres not much shade around here unless I put them on the north side which is mostly shade but not good for viewing at all. I also noticed the same effect on lady in red at my sisters filtered light location .

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

This was my first year growing subrotunda. The blooms did not last long in summer because they got a lot of hot, midday sun. Late summer into fall, however, with more shade, weaker sun, and cooler temps, the blooming was excellent throughout the day. I grew the two plants in the only open spot I had, so that's where they'll have to be again next year.

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Im thinking the blooms only last a day so regardless. If I grow this plant next year it will be in shade or on the back side of home. Maybe the same for any s. coccinea plants.

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