Salvia Divinorum

bambookid524October 13, 2008

Does anybody have any seeds or plants of this? I am collecting a few salvia species and this is one of the ones I'm looking for. I don't really have anything to trade at the moment except a few species of pepper seeds. I would be willing to pay shipping and a small fee for a plant or send a SASE for seeds. Ifyou have a different offer feel free to lemme know. If you would like to email me about an offer or the plant do not use the emaiil that is set up with this site. Please email me at


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This salvia rarely sets seeds, you would be better of purchasing a plant.

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Ignore all listings of divinorum seeds on Ebay...all are scams. As mentioned before, buy a plant.

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I am trying to find someone who has live plants too. The only ones i can find are over 30 for a tiny little one.

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