New greggii hybrids and Salvia ID's

riverrelaxn85(zone 9a-b)October 5, 2010

Hello, I am new to this forum but have been selecting salviaxjamensis hybrids for five years at UCR. I have a few of my older hybrids in pictures to view and i need some help with plant IDs. The two purple flowering plants and the blue flowering plant. The blue one was given to me from a landscaper who found the random seedling. The two purples were taken by me but i lost the labels. S. mexicana? i dont know. Should be able to see everything from the below link by clicking on the photostream. But only the greggii and the ones that need to be labeled I am starting a new nursery, and i have many species of salvias. A collection of over 150 different species in germplasm of some sort.


Link to photostream

Here is a link that might be useful: ID and greggii hybrids

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riverrelaxn85(zone 9a-b)

im going to take a few more pictures and add them to the list. the two shrubs with the white bee lines are very different. All of the greggii hybrids are my personal selections from seed. Normal color plant seed. All came from White, cream, or yellow seed of S. greggii. 2169 and 2170 are the same plant and 2200, 2201, 2202 are the same plant. Careful in these pictures there is a little bit of S. disjucta popping its stems through the actual species i need identified.

thanks again

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I wish I could help you, but others know better, my own salvias tend to be much more basic because of the climate here and not having enough indoor space to go wild with collecting. Your new cultivars of greggii are fantastic - nice work.

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Hmmm...the smooth-leafed one could be S. mexicana...the others look like S. urica to me...not sure...........

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