Double Impatiens

tkhooper(7)September 27, 2010

I would love to save seeds from my plant. It is a gorgeous red with white dots on it. But I have yet to see it produce a seed pod or anything approaching a seed head. Can someone help me with this please?

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Your plant might be sterile. Double Impatiens sometimes are.

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Take cuttings and overwinter them indoors as houseplants if you don't have a green house. They will root easily in soiless mix, vermiculate, perlite, or water.
If your plant does set a few of the little football shaped seed pods you can harvest the seeds, but expect the resulting plants to be single, semi-double and double.
I would be happy with that in a casual setting but if you want uniformity for a formal situation you might prefer cutting grown plants.
You could also keep one plant indoors over winter and use it to start multiple plants from cuttings in early spring.

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Sorry about all the typos in the above post tk. I must have still been asleep.

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I've got to get out there and clip some cuttings before the plant gives up the ghost. thanks so much for the information. And your right I like the doubles more than the others.

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