roots broke while transplanting

lazygardener(z8 OR ,Bverton)October 1, 2006

Salvia Hot lips

I have somehow split the roots vertically while transplanting. It has separated into 2 detached sections. Not sure what to do I have replated both the sections together. Will it survive ?


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lazygardener(z8 OR ,Bverton)

Forgot to add that the roots were all woody sections.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

They can survive, but I would expect the plant to be weak and susceptible to infections. Take cuttings when possible. The biggest factor in moving sages is to make sure you have terminal fine root hairs. The tops have to be pruned to match the losses of the root system.

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Salvia is pretty tuff.
I manhandled a S. rubescens while transplanting it last weekend. It too came apart into 2 sections.
I just made sure the replanted sections got some moisture if they looked wilted during the last week.
Both parts seem to have taken...some overcast weather during the past 3 days has helped.
One section is setting bloom spikes.
Not sure if all salvias are so forgiving. Good luck with yours.

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