Seed Viability of Different Garden Ornamentals

judy-hebeSeptember 7, 2006

I know that various seeds have different viability times from each other. I also know that conditions for germination can also vary. But I'd like to find a web site that will list the time seeds of various plants stay viable under the right storage conditions. I can find nothing specific - only generalities or those of plants like weeds or vegetables. Can someone point me to a good site or two, please?

I have a lot of seeds I've saved over the last few years & would like to share with friends & e-pals but sure don't want to send 'dead' seeds to them.

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Hi Judy,
The site below has some flower seeds listed below the vegetable list. I find most flowers last at least a few years. Some will last a long time. The ones that lose viability quickly seem to be woodland type flowers. Many of them need to be sown immediately and kept moist.
If you still feel unsure about a particular seed, you could always do the paper towel germination test. I know it works, I've had sunflowers germinate that way. If you google that, you will get lots of hits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Longevity Chart

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Thanks for the link, Remy. The link gave me a good rough idea of the viability which is all I expect since how long seeds stay good depends on diff conditions.

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