How can I harvest seed from blue fescue and pennisetum hamlin?

AdamM321(MA z5/6)September 4, 2005


I can actually see seed developing on the pennisetum but when are they reading to collect? The "flowers" on the blue fescue are turned like a bleached beige color, but they just look like flower heads and not seed?


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I'm a little confused with this question. Blue fescue here is ornamental grass. It sends up seeds like all grasses, wheat etc. When it dries, just strip the stem. You can feel the little hard ripe viable seed inside the chaff. It self sows very well here and is easy to germinate.

Penstemmon here forms pods when it's done flowering. I have husker red. It makes tear drop pods about 1/3 inch long. When they brown and crack at the top, you can shake out the salt size seed. Penstemmon husker red takes forever to ripen. It's still not ready here, but should be ripe soon. Also the seeds smell like feet. Thank goodness it's a lovely plant with beautiful foliage and pretty spring flowers.

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I know this is a really old post and probably should be removed from this forum, but since it's still on here I want to post a response. Adam is talking about pennisetum hameln, a dwarf fountain grass, not penstemon. I looked it up. From what I know about ornamental grasses, esp. dwarf or short grasses, the best way to multiply them is to divide them at the roots. I brought a small blue fescue plant with me when I moved from Colorado to Washington state 7 yrs ago. I've transplanted it 4 times and it has never failed me. I used a shovel to divide it last fall for the first time into three plants, and I wasn't very gentle with it because the roots were so tightly bound. One plant died, but the other two made it with consistent watering and feeding. I never cut mine down because it actually makes them look worse. Now I'll let one of the plants grow as big as it wants to get and I'll just divide the other one in a couple of years, and so on. My guess is that you can do the same with pennisetum. I've also divided ferns, bulbs, and hardy fuchsias successfully..

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