Two new red Salvias now in the United States

rich_dufresne(z7 NC)October 17, 2007

Here is the first of two JPG images of the Salvias from seed sent to me by Robin Middleton.

Salvia SL411 is a new species from Peru in section Biflorae that thrived in our heat and drought and bloomed freely as soon as it got 18 - 24 inches tall. Salvia tubiflora and oppositiflora are other members of this section

Salvia c.f. darcyi is probably S. dichlamys, and forms a compact microphylla-like bush with flowers that suggest strong relationships to both S. microphylla and the cardinalis form of S. fulgens. It handled the heat well, but was slower to bloom than the new Biflorae sage and needed to get 24 inches tall before blooming.

Here is the link:

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CA Kate

Those are both very vibrant and pretty. I wonder how they'd do in our hot, DRY climate?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

It remains to be seen about the amount of sunlight and dew point (humidity), but as to drought, they did well. The broad leaved one (section Biflorae) likes some shade and is a bit of a water hog, as the glossy, broad foliage indicates.

The Salvia dichlamys, with its smaller, grayer leaves, is definitely more xeric.

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Salvia SL411 has done very well for me in the south. I like it a lot, putting on it's second set of flowers.
I do want to try salvia dichlamys as soon as Rich has it available!!


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ramazz(8a VA)

Rich and Helena:

Those are beauties. Helena, did you have hummingbirds visit yours?


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Becky, My salvia SL411 was right next to my red coccineas though I didn't catch them using it I'm sure they did. I only had a few hummers at a time but I read of someone else who has SL411 and actually saw hummers using it. I plan on having more than just one plant this coming spring.


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