Black & Blue Salvia - Saving Over Winter ?

ilsonshine(z5/6 IL)October 20, 2005

What can I do to save/keep 2 Black and Blue Salvias I have right now? I do not have any seed. With already having some house plants and now bringing in some tender plants for the winter, space is getting somewhat limited in the house. Can the B&B Salvia tubers and stems be dug and stored similar to what is done with Dahlias?

I truly appreciate any expert advice/good suggestions to help me save these 2 plants. I live about 90 minutes east of the St. Louis Arch, on the edge of zones 5 & 6. One person I know had hers come back this spring, but I don't think B&B are usually hardy here. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Gina

ps: I had first posted this in a different Salvia post about seeds, but then thought that a new ? that wasn't about seeds might be the way to go. So please pardon any duplication.

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A few posts down you will find a thread with probably your answer - I started it and it was helpful - Carrie

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My friend had a black and blue make it over winter last year here in the northern part of zone 5. I took mine in, and took cuttings in spring...but I had to watch it like a hawk cause it is very susceptible to whitefly:( I too have very little space left in my house and will try the "tuber" thing this year.

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Prairibbean(z5 IN)

I also live in zone 5 and successfully overwintered Black and Blue Salvia in my unheated garage. I watered several times during the winter on the warmest days.
Good Luck

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