Are you, or have you, been a groupie?

tobr24u(z6 RI)July 22, 2011

And, if so, which group and how far would you go to be with the "band"?

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paulines(New England)

LOL, you're conjuring up some old memories.

Never a groupie, but dated a couple of musicians from pretty well known bands. Almost married one.

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Nope... never. I do know a few musicians, have attended a plethora of concerts, enjoy music very much, and my ex roadied for Golden Earring for a very short time, long ago. That's as close as I've gotten to the band.

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totallyyy....and although never a dead fan I have discovered their joys in following Furthur..."c'mon children, come on clap you hands"...I do it for the peace and love (and twirling;)

I love music festivals...rock, southern, jam bands, blues...

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

No never

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Maybe if Mozart were alive.

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On the other hand, I've always had a thing for hunky guys with long hair, so if I had been in more of a position to, I might have closely followed a few bands from the 80's.

Classical music makes me comatose, and country music is just wrong on so many levels... my opinions, of course.

I much prefer metal, rock, blues... and sometimes a little jazz.

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Never a groupie but did do the videography for a well-known band ten years ago or so. I've met a few rock stars and am related to one but just don't have the groupie mentality.

Jodi, I used to not like country either but it's growing on me :)

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I've never been a "groupie", but I've been a Deadhead most of my life. We're typically described as a "tribe". I never went too far out of my way to see the band, usually only the next state, but never missed a show here.

Last summer we saw Kreutzmann and Hart with their band "The Rhythm Devils". Fantastic show. The year before saw Mickey Hart with "The Global Drum Project". We also went to a Grateful Dead cover band, "Dark Star Orchestra" show last summer. It was pretty fun.

So, as they said, the music never stops.

My current screen saver is a photo of Jerry & Owsley. :)

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

Not to the point that I followed them around, but anywhere I've been over the years (different homes as well as duty stations), I've always gone to see Charlie Daniels. In fact, I met him once in Wallingfor, Ct., at the Oakdale Dinner Theater, where he was giving a performance.

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Good grief no. But I've always been amused by the silly twits who are/were. It makes for some interesting spectating. LOL I just don't "get" the mentality. I don't do the celebrity thing. Spent a lot of time back stage in my youth but as a guest, not a groupie.

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I'm with Demi - I might follow Mozart were he still alive and creating - Debussy, Bach, Chopin - all the greats, as I love classical music (not opera however) - Or Dan Fogelburg if he were alive. Or the Beatles if all were still alive.

Of course there is always the rolling stones. Rumor has it they are all alive but I've seen them on stage and I beg to differ.

I like a lot of alternative music, John Mayer is flat gifted - eclectic taste when it comes to music.

A groupie to none, it would never have occured to me.

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No.....but I've had groupies though.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

A groupie to me is a woman who gets close to band members on tour in order to have sex with them.

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Me and my buddy are headed out tomorrow night to hear the ex-bassist from Black Flag's band and other loud, thrashy, dirtbag rock bands. I try and do that at least once a month, but that's being a fan, not a groupie.

I've been starstruck a few times, most memorably when I realized at the Spaceland nightclub last year that the blonde I was chatting up was the Aussie mom from Lost. I just froze up in the middle of my sentence, then I slunk away with what shreds of dignity I had left. I could certainly imagine myself as Emile de Ravin's groupie -- or really, whatever she needed me to be. But I don't tend to idolize people much anymore, which seems a pre-condition for being a groupie.

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