Nighttime lights interfering with blooming

ladyslppr(z6 PA)October 5, 2006

I have planted several types of Salvias in planters in front of my office in Orange County, CA. The Salvia "Waverly" are blooming poorly, and it recently occurred to me that the lights that are on at night must be the problem. Previously I have tried to grow Salvia leucantha (one of the parents of Waverly) in a yard with bright nighttime lighting and found that portions of the plants in the light didn't bloom while shaded parts of the plants bloomed normally. Salvias currently planted with the Waverly include Salvia elegans, Salvia karwinskii x puberula, and one that I think is Salvia subrotunda (a fall bloomer I am guessing). I am concerned that these species won't bloom with the lights on them at night.

Does anyone know if there are certain types of bulbs that would be preferable to others - i.e. bulbs that would not interfere with the diurnal cycle in salvias?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If you are talking about the chromatic response of light bulbs, yhis is usually broken down into red-rich or blue-rich lamps. Both types are needed for optimal growth of plants, and both should be available. One of these will prompt green growth more, but I am not sure which one. The blue-rich ones will also likely have more ultraviolet as well.

However, if the light intensity is strong enough, chromaticity will be irrelivant. The species you mention are relatively insensitive to night lighting, so this likely means you will get best results with long day bloomers.

Amongst the most sensitive to aborting bloom from night lighting is Salvia divinorum, which can be spectacular when in full bloom. Salvia dorisiana is another light sensitive species.

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