little red-flowered salvia plants won't bloom much

kamalaOctober 4, 2010

I have a rangy small-red-flowered salvia next to my patio, which won't put out many flowers. I don't water it much--a little when I water the back yard almost daily. Would that be too much water? Or what else is wrong? Soil's pretty dark and clay-ey. Coastal CA, two blocks from the beach. Not that windy. Seems to have a regular soil profile, with dark organic matter in upper 6-12 inches, kinda grey, brown lower down. Any one know how I can get it to flower more?

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My soil here is clay but I grow my Salvias in raised
beds so they drain well during some of our heavy downpours.
We can better answer your questions with some more info...
1)Do you know which Salvia you have?
I have about 8 different species that are red.
2)Is you plant in sun or shade?
I prune some of my plants twice a year then feed w/a slow
release organic fertilizer 6-12-6(No Salt). The potassium
helps in areas where it is tied up in the soil and unavailable to the plant.
3)What part of California?

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