Royal Gardener for February: Chaud111!

glassmouse(z5-Cent IL)February 2, 2006

This is the Chaud111's month! As we start to get into the last few months of this birthday robin, let's not start lagging, everyone--and remember that February is a short month, so let's all get a move on!

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

I've just received a Valentines package from Sue (skohler)
Thank you very much for sending me this second package. It's filled with chocolates, flower seeds, a Sea Shell hang, and a candle holder.
I received a plant package from Sue a few months back. In it, there were hosta, bromelaids, red hot poker, daylily (parden me), and a tall beared iris.
I love everything Sue. Thanks again for the nice packages.


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Box on the way. Confirmation #0103 8555 7496 2703 5543. I'm just up the road from you so you may get it tomorrow or Saturday. Enjoy!

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

I received a package from Paul on Saturday. It contained Valentine's shower gel, candies, butterfly rubber stamp, Spring Time garden hang, candle with glass holder, daylily (dizzy), watsonia, kitchen towel, and bones for my dog.
Hopefully, I've listed everything you sent.

Thank you very much Paul, for a very nice package

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glassmouse(z5-Cent IL)

We're getting down to the final days of February, everybody! Let's wrap up Chau's month in style!

Chau--I am planning on boxing things up and mailing them on way into school on Monday. So technically I'll be mailing in February, although you might not receive it until March. But I'll just blame it on Feb. having only 28 days-- :)

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

I can't wait for your box. It's almost the end of my month, and so far I've received only 2 boxes :-(. I wonder if everyone is still in the exchange

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glassmouse(z5-Cent IL)

Hi, Chau--
Your package is on its way; delivery confirmation # is: 0305 2200 0001 5522 9756. Hope you enjoy everything.

I'm not sure why the robin seems to be dying out. One person has officially withdrawn...the rest just seem to be incommunicado. I have e-mailed everyone several times to ask for their status and to remind of the original robin agreement, but have not heard back. I'm disappointed when someone drops out--especially after their month--because it means that the three of you at the end (daylilymom, you, and pchanggeo) end up getting the short end of the stick, which is horrible and quite thoughtless, I think--and not a great example to set, esp. if you're a parent. (My parents would have _killed_ me if I'd joined something, made a committment, and then backed out after I'd benefitted.) But I guess it's easier not to play fair if you're online and don't actually have to run into someone in every day life and look them in the eye. Well, enough of my sermonizing, I suppose...In any case, I'm quite grateful to those who have kept up their end of the bargain since June, and I hope the package I've sent makes up a little for the lack of packages that you should have received by now.

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Hey GM. Do you have a list of the people that initially signed up? Can you list them here please?

I'm looking forward to my month eventhough it looks like there's only 2 or 3 of us still playing. Oh well...


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many of us had NO list as to who was next inline
you need to send each of us the info sheet each month as to who the box gose to .
I still plant to send to ggsnail in mar for I recieved a box from her . also will be sending to paul in april.

thank you

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glassmouse(z5-Cent IL)

I sent the list out at the beginning of the robin, along with everyone's questionnaires; I also sent you another copy several months ago when you requested it again. So I'm not sure why you say that there was NO list as to who was next, as I would assume that it would be fairly easy to print out the list, or to keep a copy of it in e-mail for reference, as I have. It is also listed in the December thread, where I posted it at your request; I've also always started a thread with the correspondent Royal Gardener's name prominently listed at the beginning of each month. So in all honesty, I don't feel I've been remiss in the slightest as far as keeping members apprised of which Royal Gardener goes with which month.

Feel free to send a box whenever you would like--I'm certain Paul will enjoy receiving a box in April, as well. Also, as we agreed at the start of the robin, sending packages should be reciprocal, so anyone who received from ggsnail(July and August, according to my records) should send her a box in return. I have e-mailed her several times to ask if she's still in the robin, but have not ever heard back; hence my decision to move Paul up to March.

Here's the list of everyone who signed up and current status:

May: s_whiting--never returned the questionnaire and dropped out immediately
June: tensastottie; dropped out in July
July: skohler; very active in the robin and has participated every month
Aug: jcpyburn; I have e-mailed her to ask if she's still in the robin, but have not heard back; she last posted in the Dec. thread
Sept: GlassMouse; horrible with deadlines and always late, but still very much in the robin
Oct: hummingbirddaisy; she's e-mailed me that she's still in the robin, but I'm unsure of her current status
Nov: femilr; was unsure if she should remain in the robin due to some harsh criticism she received from a fellow player re: the boxes she sent; withdrew in January
Dec: this was the voluntary Christmas exchange; Paul and Sue swapped; hummingbirddaisy and jcpyburn swapped, although there was no post to say if Tina received her package
Jan: Daylilymom; active participant every month; sent me an e-mail that she wanted to withdraw due to the poor response she got during her month; not sure if she's still participating or not
Feb: chaud111; very active in the robin and has participated every month
Mar (originally): ggsnail; participated in June/July/Aug; haven't heard from her since Nov. despite several e-mails, so I'm assuming she's dropped out
Apr/Mar: pchanggeo; very active in the robin and has participated every month--has agreed to move to March in place of ggsnail

So, as of right now, based on past performance and the last couple of months, it looks like it's down to Susie, Paul, Chau, and me.

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

I agree with you GlassMouse. I don't think after receiving your boxes, you can just drop out. To me, it is comparable to stealing. I know that things happen in life, but whatever it is, you can always send what you owe later.

I'm upset because people are not being honest, especially when I learn that the June person just "dropped" out for being the first, and after receiving all her boxes. I don't see any explaination for this behavior.

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

I received a box from GlassMouse yesterday. It was filled with 2 Amaryllis bulbs, 6 vegetable seed packages ( I love them all), a box of chocolate candy, ribs for by dog, handsoap, picture frame, glass fish hang, notepad, candle, and ... Hopefully, I listed everything.

Thank you GlassMouse for a great box. I will be planting the vegetable seeds this weekend.

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I need Chau's address.
I am sooooooooooooo late with this robin and I am truely sorry.
I am trying to get caught up. Thanks for being so patient with me!
Hug's, Tina

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)

Hi Tina,

I just sent you and email with my address

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chaud111(z9A Vista, CA)


I just received a package from Carly. There were a kitcken collections (notepad, recipe cards, ...), sunflower grow kit, garden decors (frog, and welcome sign), permanent markers, bloom & bird magazine, and a nice ecentric pot (unfortunately, it broke in transit).

Thanks Carly

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