New sans and a question

lme5573December 11, 2012

My new sans in the middle. In a 3 1/3" plastic pot, new pup pushing the side out of shape, and roots coming out of the bottom. It's about 7" tall.
I want to repot in clay pot, but I feel like a 4" is too small and a 6" is too big. Can you help me decide? I'm having a Goldilocks moment - which one is just right? LOL.
I also wanted to show my birds nest sans, the ones I overwatered. I know it's only 2 weeks, but I think they are making progress. No additional wilty leaves and the centers look good with a tiny new leaf very green and crisp. I made room under my plant lights, and they seem to be responding. Thanks for helping me out, I haven't watered them yet. Can I mist?
PS - the new sans has yellow edges, not white. Plant lights bleached the color.

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What size pot is it currently in? I'm of the opinion, I'd rather have it a little snug than overpotted to reduce the risk of overwatering.


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3 1/2" plastic pot. 4" pot doesn't leave much room, but I have been known to overwater. (cough, cough)

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Lenny, your Sans are doing great.
Why did you not post Birds Nest?

I agree with Planto about keeping Sans in a smaller pot opposed to too large.

When roots and Sans grow larger, 'if you can find a 5" container, good luck,' that should do..Especially clay.

3.5" to 6" is quite a leap.

I noticed, 4" pots are shaped different. Some have exact 4" rims, but narrow bottoms. Others are 4" from rim to bottom..4" with the same rim and bottom would probably give your Sans a little more space.
Again, difficult locating.

I found exact size,'clay 4" rims and bottoms at a grocery store last fall for 1.00. Very few were left..People bought them up.

Check roots..see how full they are, then find a container a little larger than root ball. Good luck, Toni

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Thanks, Toni. I have a couple of 4" pots with straight sides, but they are in use. I'll keep my eyes open for more. I will post pictures of my Bird's nest sans in another post. I am hopeful they will survive. Lennie

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi All,

If the 6" pot is clay, I'd be OK to use that instead of plastic (that's more important IMO, that it's clay, not plastic, rather than its size.)

If you are (uhm, have been) an overwater-er, just plant it shallow in the larger pot, like in mix just a couple of inches deep (& prop them up w/ rocks to stay upright 'til re-rooted) rather than the full height of the pot & water wisely, remembering that as we say in succulents about watering: when in doubt, don't.

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Lenny. You're lucky finding straight pots. They're impossible to come by.
Murphy's Law..correct pots are in use. lol.
Here in IL, it's difficult finding plants and supplies. Choices are either ordering online or pot in what one has.

Bird's nest are so pretty..Especially Gold H. 'forgot its spelling.' lol.

Hey Karen...Yep, Sans came potted in plastic.
I don't have an extra 6" clay..
A Hoya in 6" clay pot fell off a shelf due to strong winds in summer..It was the last 6" clay I had.

Karen, an over-waterer I am Not in the least. Our house stays pretty cool in winter, so before giving a drink plants are tested..either sticking a finger, 'small pots,' or thin stake, 'large pots.' Also, lift pots for weight.

Years ago, most stores sold clay pots from 1" and larger..not anymore..Most nurseries closed their doors the last few years..Those that sold clay pots, to boot.

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Do you have a Lowes, Home Depot, or Wal-Mart where you are? I've seen clay azaela pots at Lowes that are shorter than the average pot and I think the rim is a little wider. Nonetheless, at Lowes or HD, you should be able to find 4 1/2 in. clay pots (maybe, the Spring might be a better time to look). A 1 in. increment shouldn't be too much bigger. Hope this helps. If you lived near me, I have more clay pots than plants to put them in.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

Excuse me, but my potting directions/suggestions are for LME (the OP) not you.


I kill Bird's Nest Sans. but I'd say NO to misting; aren't you/they recovering from overwatering? If so, I'd say misting will in crease the odds of ROT!!!

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Thanks, Pirate Girl, I will plant in 6" clay and keep it shallow. I think I need width of 6" and depth of 4".
I find clay pots in Home Depot Garden section - I have to go outside and they have them on shelves. Their prices are the best, but the 4" are slanted sides, not straight. I did buy a bromeliad at HD that had a 4" clay pot and a 3.5" plastic pot. Two for one. The bromeliad is still in plastic, I used the straight sided pot right away.

I wish I had a Golden Hahni, mine is just plain. I look everywhere, but I may order online next spring.

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