Queen Elizabeth and Reine Victoria

Krista_5NYAugust 26, 2011

These two roses are planted side by side, and make an interesting combination of the modern with the antique rose.

Reine Victoria is very fragrant. It perfumes the front yard, with my Mme Pierre Ogers.

Queen Elizabeth

Reine Victoria

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I've never seen a photo of Reine Victoria (don't remember anyways) on the forum before. I thought it would be more purply (still pink). It's just lovely to see it!! Very, very lovely!!

I've kind of got the impression that most people don't like the rose Queen Elizabeth. But that is beautiful!!! I love the darker backs and lighter fronts. My favorite pink!!!

What do you think of QE?

Thanks so much!!


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Thank you, Carol. QE does not have fragrance, but it is hardy and easy to grow. The repeat bloom doesn't come as quickly as with my other Hybrid Teas. The color does have a nice glow to it.

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Oh honey that pic of Reine Victoria is scrumptous!! I love it. I think I grow Queen Elizabeth but not sure. lol! My roses are mostly leafless right now due to neglect by their bad mother, me of course, so I hope to start back spraying after this horrid heat wave and get a decent fall flush. One can only pray. Thanks for sharing your beautiful babies. Judy

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Great to see this rebloom on RV--flawless blooms. I'm sure the cool climate helps.

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Thank you, everyone. I forgot to mention that the white rose in the second pic on the lower right is Mme Alfred Carriere.

The pics are from the June flush, but this rose does repeat well in the summer time.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Your two roses are very nice Krista!

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seil zone 6b MI

Love QE! And I'd agree with you that it's easy to grow and very winter hardy.

But I'm in love with your RV! She's gorgeous!

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Thank you.

I'm very fond of Reine Victoria, it's a garden favorite...

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Soooooooooooo Gorgeous, Krista. Uh-oh, Aromatherapy is in big trouble now, haha! She is one rose away from being shovel-pruned when I look at your Reine Victoria! I have to now do a query on whether this rose indeed keeps its pink as well as Aromatherapy.....I'd ask your advice Krista, but you have northern sun, not blasting baking Midwest sun, so I may have to ask our Gallery folks here. Boxo is right, I am a rosacidal maniac! But ooooh, that Reine Victoria is just BREATHTAKING!!!! It is flippin' my mind out on how gorgeous it is ;-) How is the BS resistance?

Carol, lol! We all know what a tactless, busybody whiiiiiiiner I am. It was probably me, endlessly howling about how Queen Elizabeth smells like plastic non-stop...

But beautiful photo of both roses, Krista!

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Thank you, Serena. Reine Victoria fades somewhat in the sun, but does't fade completely. It holds its color better than some of the other antique Roses. It does get blackspot, but re-leafs and keeps blooming.

If one is new to Bourbons, I think Louise Odier is a little easier to start off with. It's hardier, seems a little more vigorous. However, Reine Victoria is a wonderful rose.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Thanks Krista, but does Louise Odier fade? I'm afraid of the "fade factor", lol! I remember your gorgeous Louise Odier in the bouquet shots from last year, should have asked about that too. I've got Maggie the Bourbon which does fine, but Maggie's an ultra vigorous bourbon from what I've heard. Cheers Krista to the wonderful pinks! :D

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Yes, Louise Odier can fade to light pink...

Perhaps you might like a Meilland Rose, I posted some pics on the Rose Forum for ID'ing purposes. Looks like I have Yves Piaget. The blooms have a rich color to them that doesn't fade too badly. The petals are saturated with color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yves Piaget

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Hehe, Krista I can take light pink I just don't want deep pink fading to white. Wow, that Yves Piaget is Gorgeous Krista, Decisions, decisions!!!!! I'm still thinking Louise Odier but what's frightening is that they say the rose will not rebloom with scorching heat. I'm thinking about going ahead and yanking out Aromatherapy and putting it in an abandoned corner of my yard, lol! I won't get rid of fragrant roses, so this takes away some of my "guilt" lol! We shall see if the rabbits kill it lol! I have a funny feeling that Aromatherapy will do better planted in full sun away from other roses. Right now it's in partial sun only. I am considering the place you talked about Krista in your email. That way I can get the biggest plant - whether it's Louise Odier available to swap out for the larger Aromatherapy. That way all my roses are at uniform height :)

By the way, Viking Queen is looking soooo beautiful!!!! Now that the thrips season is over, I am soooo ready to CELEBRATE. I've got tons and tons of her flower photos now, hahaha!

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Thank you, everyone.

Serena, yes, Yves Piaget is really nice, very colorful. It sounds like a good idea to put Aromatherapy in a sunnier spot, I think the Hybrid Teas appreciate all the sun they can get.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Serena - LOL!!!

Serenea - I had both Yves and Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy did nothing. A few blooms max. Yves is a super fantastic rose!!! Get it!!! Blooms abundantly and quickly. Fragrance is wonderful. Does not fade. We had our roses in the backyard in pots when a snowstorm hit. We got most of our roses into the garage, but Yves was frozen to the ground. She didn't make it through the winter outside - no big surprise there. I would get it again in a heart beat.


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

hehe, Carol it's such a tough call and Krista's photos are making the decisions AGONIZING, lol! I keep revisiting and drooooling over Reine Viktoria and Louise Odier. I am soooo stuck. Common sense everyone should go for the Yves Piaget, but I just loooooooove the shape of Reine Viktoria and Louise Odier. I think I just need to buckle down and ask the vendor their opinions about the problems of Kansas heat versus Louise Odier. HMF says LO cannot do well with the heat. And to be honest very few roses can deal with our 110 degree heat. Ferdinand Pichard is getting roasted, so is little DD which still blooms its tiny heart out, the tree roses are a total mess with this heat. This is indeed our hottest summer.

Carol I got bizarre extremes of taste. I prefer the tightly coiled HTs or the button eye or quartered ruffled look. It can't be too perfect and too uniform in shape if I choose a non-HT rose though. I love drooling over other gorgeous varieties of roses in other people's gardens but because James is howling to put salt all over my roses if I keep buying I have to be pretty careful to choose only the roses that I keep obsessing over, haha! yet will have enough rebloom. YG I think of as oh, so pretty so gorgeous but I don't get that obsessive feeling. Speaking of rebloom, Cornelia really taxes my patience. I cannot wait eight-ten weeks for a flush. I truly hope that Cornelia will be the last stingy flushed rose I get with, lol! Great fragrance at least and I love how huge this rose gets, but gyaah, it takes forever! to rebloom. Carol, hmmm Aromatherapy always had good rebloom- 4 weeks. And once it got into a flush, lots and lots of blooms but our sun rays are different than yours. It may be that Aromatherapy needs more direct rays to produce its blooms. Or it could be that Gardenville Sea Tea made it a prolific bloomer. Once I dig it up and abandon it to just regular waterings and coffee grinds, it may throw a fit, lol! and be a non-producer. We will wait and see, hehe!

P.S. Boxo's AD I get a spin of obsessive and absolutely terrified! If I murder it that would be very unforgivable, and since AD is that one Austin I do obsess over, Austins do terrible in our disease BS ridden zone as well, and our rainy winters cause tons of canker rot. I figure a Stalker's job is to do none other than Stalk for what one can't have, haha! That's the whole purpose of Stalking, right? haha!

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