My Sans is Blooming

joshc(Z8-TX)December 15, 2003

I just thought I'd let y'all know my Sans t. 'Silver Laurentii' has a bloom stalk. This will be my first Sans. bloom! I just saw it this morning when I was opening the blinds. I think it still has a ways to go too. So anyhow, I'm pleased :-) Hope everyobody has a good one.


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Congratulations Josh! I've yet to see one. Hopefully some day I'll join you! A bloom would be nice for Christmas!


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Yes, yes I should have a party. *this wrist don't bend

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Lucky you!! I'm anxiously awaiting the day that any of mine will bloom!

Post a photo when it does, will you?

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I'll try to post a photo, I couldn't get any to come out good last night though, too dark or too bright, you know that routine. Will try again during daylight.


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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I find that most of my Sansevieria develop flower stalks in the fall/winter. I'll be getting a few more plants to flower before spring, and then it will be time to divide some of them.

On a side note, I'll probably have a couple of nice plants availabel for trade in the spring, including S. parva, S. kirkii kirkii, S. sufruitcosa, a currently unidentified variegated S. laurentii, S. sp Bailey, S. sp Wananga Station, and probably others. I hope that there are some people out there with nice stuff, too.

Joe "and I don't limit myself to Sansevierias" DeRosa

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elsier(z6 KY)

I was surprised last week to find one of my Sans blooming. Several bloomed in the summer, but I have never known one to bloom in the winter.

A nice surprise for Xmas!


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