Winter Care

joshc(Z8-TX)December 10, 2003

Sorry for my lack of postings, I haven't been doing much with the plants besides shuffling around to keep 'em from freezing outside. Not much in the way of new acquisitions, save for a couple vines of this and that, no new Sans. My question is this; if protected from wind, and in good health, what min temps can some of the different trifasciata varieties tolerate? Are some more cold tolerant than others? I have limited room inside so I'm trying to prioritize which plants get moved inside first (don't worry, most of my sans are already inside ;-) and which , if any, might have to fend for themselves outside. On the plus side, I kind of anticipate a mild winter, but yesterday it got down into low 30's I think, and really gusty wind. Let me know what y'all think about cold tolerences, and what you are doing to protect your own plants for the winter!


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Gosh, Josh, I thought Texas was always hot - forgive my ignorance! I suppose the Sans would be all right as long as it doesn't get damp.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

I think JonD spoke of doing some 'unintentional experiments' on this subject in the past. He'd stated that they can get quite cold (40's, if I recall?) as long as they're kept quite dry, as Marguerite stated. You might want to email Jon...I'm sure he'd be more than happy to offer some info.

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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I'd be especially careful with any variegated varieties that you have, as they seem to be more temperaturesensitive, especially when damp.

Joe "killed 'em with the best" DeRosa

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