Initiated by the 'Touch Me Nots'

nettasauraSeptember 1, 2006

So I was out checking for seed pods today when what do I spy but a beautiful rounded little football right by my foot. My very first impatiens seed pod ever. Okay move carefully and don't touch it. Run into the house and start ransacking the kitchen. "Need something to catch the seeds cause it's 'spose to explode"...searching, searching, searching..."Aha, one cup Gladware Container with a lid!". Go back outside and pump myself up.."I can do this and I'm not gonna get stung" the cup part under and around the seed the lid over the top BANG!!!..."Ouch, Ouch, Ouch"....didn't have the lid all the way over the container before it touched the pod. HOLY COW! Nobody was kidding when they said these little suckers explode. Looking...."Ooohhh, another one"....same procedure but make sure the pod is hanging in the empty space inside the the lid until it is on the container and sandwiching the stem the seed pod is on...then slowly pull the container and lid toward the seed pod BANG!!!...but I got every last single seed that time. Needless to say..I've been initiated into the "Touch Me Not Club".


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Are the seed pods green and round? Thats what I see on my plants, not sure if they are the seed pods.

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You know there was a thread on here somewhere that had a fabulous picture of a fully ripe seed pod, but I can't find it. If anyone knows where it went please post a link.

Those little green "beads" in the center of the flowers will elongate to about 1" long after the petals fall off. As the seed matures, the long bead will swell into a pointed "football" about 1/2" wide.

And yes for the most part they are green. Take something out there to catch your seeds in, touch the pod, it'll explode(wear a ski mask,LOL), and if the seeds are brown then they are ripe.


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I've found the seed pods often take on a slight tannish tinge as they ripen, and they develope a "seam" along the length of the football-shaped pod.

I close my hand gently around the pod and give it a little squeeze. If the seeds are ripe, the pod will open up, depositing the seeds in your hand.

Not as much fun as making them explode -- I always detonate a few and let them self-sow before I get down to serious collecting!

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Thank you Netta, I think I`m ready to save my first seeds

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So the little tiny pods that are green that I have been collecting will not germinate? Only the longer pods? I have collected alot of each and they are all green. The big ones do explode tho' and it is full of little off white seeds. Will they grow when I plant them in Jan?

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You need to collect the longer pods..and like Alison above says, the dark green will lighten in color and may even take on a tannish tinge. The seeds need to be tan to brown in color or they will not germinate.

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