ponder(7)September 3, 2007

I'm collecting seeds from Mexican Sunflower. Some of the seeds are brown, some are black. Are they all viable? I don't remember what color the original seeds were that I planted.

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Hi Ponder,
I checked mine and they are brown with darker speckles. It is possible they turn darker with age. I wouldn't be too concerned about color. They need to be plump and hard. Ones that didn't fertilize correctly will be flat and flimsy.

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Thanks. They are all plump. It surprised me that they look so different.

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I picked my first seed head on Monday. I have different shades on mine.


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Bump...So how do I know when the seed head is ready to cut off? I've searched google and had no luck. Does anyone have pictures from flower to harvest? Thanks in advance.

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Most seeds are ready when you can run your thumb across the head and a few seeds start falling out from the head. But they still need to dry more before storage.

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