pink dreamsicle hummingbird sage?

standard65(z6/7 nashville)November 1, 2005

hi, folks. I bought 2 salvias labelled 'pink dreamsicle hummingbird sage' in 2004. annuals here, but reseeded nicely.

can someone please tell me the lineage or latin name for this one?

it grows and looks like s. coccinea lady in red, only with pink blossoms.


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wardw(z6 NJ)

Isn't it another cultivar of coccinea? I guess I'm no help if you are looking for certainty, but I recall seeing it for sale at some web site as a coccinea.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hoopefully Rich will set us straight on this one. My guess is that it is a hybrid of coral nymph


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I've never heard of this sage, and all the Google references point back to Nashville. I'd guess it is a coccinea form, based on the description and its reseeding. Did it come from a nursery?

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Stan did purchase the plant at a Nashville nursery. I planted some of the seeds from his plant and the flowers look just like Coral Nymph.


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standard65(z6/7 nashville)

thanks for the input, rich, ward and penny. penny's info is absolutely correct. I bought 2 or 3 at a nursery here in nashville in 2004. here are links to 2 pictures from 2005, neither great, but one to see the foliage and one to see the blossom. does this help any? what do you think now? some of them were small and wispy, and some grew 4 and 5 feet tall with big, square stems.

foliage and blossoms:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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wardw(z6 NJ)

Are you willing to pass on a few seeds from the big one? Five feet tall is very unusual for a coccinea. The flowers look like coral nymph, but the size? Did the original plant grow that tall? Despite rumors to contrary, bigger is better, at least with hummingbird plants.

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standard65(z6/7 nashville)

ward, I'd be happy to share seeds with you and anyone else that would like to grow it. I threw all the seeds from the pink in one container. I didn't separate between the small, wispy ones and the big ones. oops. I guess I thought the height difference had to do with placement, sunshine, and food. the 2 that got the tallest were crowded pretty badly, and grew tall to get some sun before blooming. the other tall one was in a bed under which an old tree stump is rotting. the plants like that. my cannas, which got 5' tall in the fence bed, got over 8' tall in the stump bed. the original dreamsicle nursery plants got 2'-3' tall, like most of them did here this year.
do you think the height difference is due to genetics, and some of the seeds didn't come true to the cultivar, and reverted to some of the parent? it was grown in a bed with B&B, lady in red, pineapple sage and mexicana limelight the first year.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am going to jump in here and say that my plants that I grew from Stan's seed developed the same characteristics as Stans. Some plants were 4-5 ft. tall. The first seedlings I set out grew to about 3 ft. the later ones grew much taller and most were in the same bed so I have to assume that sun, moisture, location had little to do with it. I also had some vermillion coccinea and white coccinea that got 4-5 ft. tall. The white one was a hybrid of the vermillion as I only planted the vermillion seed but half turned out to be white and the other half vermillion. I didn't mind though as they made a very nice contrast.


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