zucchini seeds

captaindirt(6/7)September 13, 2012

I picked the largest zucchini and let it set outside for two weeks and then cut it open and scooped out te seeds. I put everything into a bowl of water and saved only the seeds that sunk to the bottom of the bowl. I let these seeds dry but they are all so thin that I wonder if they'll be any good.

any and all questions and tips would realy help me out here.


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Hi,Zucchini need to ripen on the plant until it becomes like winter squash, and then the seeds will be good. Good seeds are plump and when dry, not bendy. Once the zucchini is mature, and picked, letting it sit for a month will make the seeds the most viable. This will not work though with squash that is not fully ripe to begin with.

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Thanks NickDanger1,
I have picked another zucchini that was ripe and it's not on the vine any more but setting in the garden. so you think that if I let it sit for a month, it might give good seeds?
I'll try it. I picked it approx. sept. 10th so I'll let it sit in the garden until oct.10th and see what happens.

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I'm glad to see you found a ripe one, good. It probably wasn't ripe long before you found it. Yes, you should wait.
Hope it works this time.

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