Euonymus~Burning Bush

agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)October 26, 2007

Hi! Can anyone tell me when the seeds are ripe on my Euonymus?The berries are a bright orange right now.Should I pick them now? Or should I wait? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks ~Angie

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The correct time to collect the seed is the Fall (Autumn) so about now seems right. For more advice check out the link ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Euonymus alatus

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

Thank you dog daze! I REALLY appreciate your help and have a great day!~Angie :)

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The first stage of the burning bush seeds should look like little bombs/fish. These will split open to reveal a growing red spherical object. Wait until these inner seeds get quite large. When you pick them, you will find a little hard sphere/seed inside them. I do not know if this coating should be removed though....

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