Sans Whitney..and question

birdsnbloomsDecember 7, 2012


After seeing S. Whitney on Purple's thread, I really wanted one.
So, off to Hirt' first I didn't see S. Whitney..I was about to give up, when I decided to click the last page.
There it was. Sansevieria Whitney.

I placed the order 12-4, it arrived yesterday, 12/6

Top view

I hope Stush is right about Whitney keeping colors. I like it just the way it is.

Now a Sans question.

My hanging Sansevieria has buds..A first. Never did any of my Sans bud/bloom.

I'm sooo happy.

Anyway, what should be done next? Sans is hanging in an east window. Is eastern exposure bright enough for buds to open?
What about watering? Fertilizing?
My plants aren't fertilized in winter, but since Sans is in bud?????

Anything else I need to know? Thanks, Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Toni,

Happy new Sans., quite pretty those margins!

Quick note here, I've never had a Sans. bloom. congrats to you, I hope you'll take pix.

Not sure why you think you have to do ANYTHING to your Sans. (if blooming). How about doing nothing to it, just sit back & enjoy?

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Hi Toni,

That's a nice Whitney. I don't think it is going to change color. I looked at your other sans pictures too. I love that small variegated hahnii, just beautiful. The one with the buds looks like a Bally to me. I am no one to be giving advice on growing, but I would just leave it right where it is. Some plants don't like being moved when they are budded out. That's a nice clump. Your Gold Flame is pretty too, another favorite of mine.


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Hi Karen,

Blooming Sans is a first for me, too.

So, just let it be? Will do.

This picture was taken 12/2. It's so dark today, don't know if a new pic will show.

Thanks for your help.

Bark, thank you. Hope S. Whitney doesn't change colors..
I don't purchase many Sans, but if there's one as pretty as Whitney.................. :)

I've tried growing S. Gold Hahnii several times, but they all's beautiful.

Wonder what Gold Hahnii requires other Sans don't??? Warmer temps? Cooler temps? Different medium?

Thanks for your comments. Toni

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Very nice sans Toni. I know you know about fast draining soil so the roots are not constantly moist. also Gold Hahnii loves it on the warmer side. I also have trouble with this one.
By the time I decide to buy Whitney, Hirts will be out of them. Next time I'll keep my big mouth shut. (Just kidding). Ok, right after Christmas for sure.
PS now there are 3 people here to trade for a Whitney.

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Stush, thank you.

One reason keeping a plant and nursery to youself is best. At least until it's in your possession. lol
Why wait? Order now.
They ship super fast.

Maybe lack of warmth is one reason my Gold Hahnii's died. Sans are in the back room where it's rather cool..used to be freezing before new windows were installed..Nights at 22F. 'during outdoor, 32F and colder.

3 people who want to trade? lol..

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Regarding eastern exposure - my mother had a large snake plant in front of our sliding glass door, facing east. It got good morning sun and bloomed once a year as I recall. I also remember my dad complained about the sticky sap and cut off the flowers.

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Lme...ironic, I was going to ask about sticky sap.

Is sap normal? When I first spotted honeydew? on Sans flowers I jumped the gun assuming it was an insect problem.

Large Sans are adorable. I remember a time I thought Sans were boring, until I saw a friends 6' plant.
What a beauty!

Why did you dad complain and cut flowers? Wow, was your mom angry?
I'd have cut something belonging to dh's off. lol. Toni

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One of the food store chains in our area has gotten in some 'Whitneys', these are with other plants including a couple other futura Sans like plain Robusta, "Black Gold" (I 'compacta' but smaller??) and also I just saw a couple pots with the reverse markings of 'Whitney'. What is this latter called (Wide dark green edges and "regular" centers)?? I picked up a 'Whitney'. Maybe I will go back for the other....

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Here in the Old Continent we insist in naming Your 'Whitney' as 'Silver Flame'. The latter is a Patented cultivar produced in holland.(I suspect Hirts'plants were renamed in order not to pay rights to the Oranges....)I have some plants of both cv. (thanks to Cok Grootscholten and Carl Dreibelbis). I see, with my own eyes, they are absolutely the same thing. Can't say which is the good name. What about 'Whitney's silver flame'?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Good for you Chris. Was the price reasonable?
Norma mentioned that Sans were not patented any more. They could be because so many sports are sprouting out all over that it is imposable to track. Could Whitney be one of them. Then Eve, Whitney's reverse. Dark banded robusta. I saw some at H.D. but the oldest leaves were all just dark, no special markings.

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Wood ya doing?
Your lucky you found S. Whitney at your local grocery store.

Every so often our stores sell plants, but most are the same, old types. :(

Did you ever go back to get the others?
If so, have pics to share?

Hi Roberto.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your post.

Hirt's isn't the only nursery that calls S. Whitney, Whitney. :)

If you Google, Sansevieria Whitney, click on photos displayed. There are hundreds of nurseries and non-nurseries identifying this Sans as Whitney.

There is Sans 'Gold Flame,' with green and gold foliage but I couldn't find Silver Flame.

You asked, what about Whitney's Silver Flame? lol.
Roberto, we, 'average people,' don't choose plant names, unless, of course, they're common names.

Like you, I haven't the faintest idea which name is correct. Whichever, it's a beautiful Sans. Toni

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I am sure these different sports appeared more than once in cultivation. I bought a Whitney but not an Eve. Keep an eye out......I had not seen anything unusual for a while. These were 6" pots for $9.99, but basically only a single shoot though one or two had a small pup started. These were in the small plant displays at the front of the grocery store.

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WN. In my part of IL, 'unless we drive an hour away to an actual nursery,' the only Sans around are commonly known as Mother-in-Laws-Tongue/Snake Plant.
Sorry, can't recall species name.

I'll have to Google S. Eve. Never heard of Eve before today.

Wish I could grow S. Hahnii/golden..They're beautiful, but die..

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'Silver Flame' is ,as I can see, a cultivar patented by the Dutch company "plantas del Caribe" (see the link below):

They also have a 'Green Flame' which looks suspiciously similar to 'Eve'. In the Hahnii group they have just renamed some of the more common cv. They have some more mouth watering plants in the 'robusta' size section. I tried ordering from them, but they say they don't send plants abroad due to Patent restrictions. It is very surprising that two identical new sports arose at the same time on both sides of the atlantic ocean...
Sorry to contradict Norma,but, of course, any new cv. of any kind of plant can be patented, don't be silly!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

For now I will just enjoy what I can get and not worry about the patents. Like I said before, until they could use DNA on the plants, nobody can figure this mess out. I would love for a new Sans book to come out and link all the sans together by DNA. Showing what are species by themselves and others that are hi-breds and others yet that are cultivars for known plants.
Juan Chahinian book, which I just finished, did a nice job of listing the sans trifasciata into a block diagram showing where they may have come from.
I think I may now order his 2nd. book.

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Here is a recent taxonomical article based on isoenzyme electrophoresis:
the results are quite acceptable (I should say : obvious...). As far as I know it is one of the few attempts to discriminate species in a geographic area looking at their biochemistry.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks for the information Reberto.
It will take some time for me to digest this much information.
"Sansevieria based on gross morphological variation and enzyme electrophoresis was carried out to delimit the Sansevieria taxa that occur in Zimbabwe and to elucidate evolutionary relationships that exist in the genus. The study was based on living specimens from the wild and those in cultivation at the National Botanic Garden (Harare). Eight species S. aethiopica, S. hallii, S. hyacinthoides, S. kirkii, S. pearsonii, S. singularis, S. stuckyi including one new species Sansevieria sp. A were delimited."
What?? I think I will need some help understanding all this.
Feels like I'm back in school.

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