chocolate cosmos seed?

romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)October 8, 2005

Hi! Yes, yes, yes, I've heard that this plant is considered sterile because it either doesn't produce seed or so little that it's not really worth it. However, I was deadheading mine, and thought I'd dry the spent blooms on a plate just to see what I'd come up with. I know that other cosmos seeds are little, long sticks with a slight curve, but on the plate with my chocolate cosmos heads, there many many little black balls, almost like oriental poppy (not breadseed) seeds. Like the size of petunia seeds. But black. What do you think? Any ideas?

Amanda 'romando'

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I once purchased seed from ?(thompson morgan I think) -so I think it unlikely that it's sterile. The seeds were tiny and poppyseedlike. I put mine somewhere clever and never did manage to find/sow them....good luck they are really cool.

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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Woo hoo! That's awesome! So now I have an important trading bargaining chip, eh? lol
I'm so excited! This is great news! Now I'm gonna keep saving them, that's for sure!
Amanda 'romando'

thank you so much for the info, Suzinnia!

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magus(8a BC)

I have my doubts that they are seeds. Cosmos seeds (all species that I know of) are stick-like and curved (with a bit of variety in size), and all seeds of plants of the daisy family are variations of the stick-shape template. Some are flat and sometimes winged, some have parachutes, but they are never poppyseed-like. T&M has never offered seeds for there as far as I remember. Chocolate cosmos isn't technically sterile, since there is reportedly a second non-clone individual out there, but you have to find that one first.

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Does anyone have a few chocolate cosmos seeds they would trade me for red sunflowers or giant purple zinnias?

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Chocolate Cosmos does not set seed(or if it does it is a very rare occurrence.) It must acquired in plant form.

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