What do the seeds look like?

mje769(z5 NE.)October 10, 2005

I have a bearded tongue "Sour Grapes" and I want to collect thier seeds, I have gone to the seed site but it is not listed under its common name or botanical name. What do the seeds look like?



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peat_moss(z6 Mo)

Take a look here, Marsha. See if this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: penstemon

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mje769(z5 NE.)

Hi Ann,
I am still confused, are there seeds inside the pod? When I open the pod I don't see anything that look like seeds. Are the seeds tiny?
Thanks for your help!

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peat_moss(z6 Mo)


The seed site says "Seedpod is woody and pointed, in a cluster. Seeds are brown, irregular-shaped chips. Several seeds in a pod."

Sorry I can't be more help. I know the picture I referred to above makes them look like large moon rocks LOL But I'm sure they're quite tiny.


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"Sour Grapes" is a hybrid, and chances are that any seed collected will not resemble the parent plant. Then again, you might get something even more interesting! I had purchased "Sour Grapes" two years ago, at a local nursery, on the perennial table. Unfortunately, it's a perennial in zones 7 and warmer. Mine never returned, nor did it set seed. I haven't had any problems harvesting seeds from my other penstemons ("Huskers Red", "Rondo", P. strictus).

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