Are These Pole Beans Worth Saving For Next Year?

suntower(z5 WA)October 18, 2012



The beans I grew this year were great. Unfortunately ate all the good ones... then we got a cold snap and the few I left to save for next year never fully 'ripened'(dried out). So most of them have a slight green tinge... instead of the usual solid white.

Are they worth saving or should I just toss 'em and buy new ones next year? IOW: if they aren't -totally- dried on the vine are they no longer viable?



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Shell them out. Let them dry. Are they wrinkled? Do they look like your other seed beans?

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chervil2(z5 MA)

If you like the beans, it is worth a try using the seed that you have. I was able to grow pole beans from seed that had experienced many winter days with sub freezing temperatuers. I performed a germination test for viability first.

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