Saving Bird Eye seeds

LurrOctober 7, 2013


Im trying to save Bird Eye chilli seeds from chillies i got from the local super market this is my second attempt as the first didnt germinate.
I took them out of the packet, and put them into the airing cupboard-when shrivelled and dried (some had turned red) i opened them and took the seeds out , they didnt look like normal chilli seeds do they were smaller and looked brownish.These are the ones that didnt germainate.
I sowed peter pepper and moruga at the same time and those are an inch tall already so its not my heat or light .

This time i opened them up straight away and scooped the seeds out. they look brownish around the edges like a apple does if you take a bite and leave it a while. Ive sown 4 seeds in a pot but I want to save the seeds and send them to my friends, Do you guys have any tips or am I doing it totally wrong.

I also have tried saving piccolo tomato seeds and these didnt germinate either.

Thanks in advance for your time :)


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Sorry I was not around to answer this awhile ago.
Pepper seeds should be harvest out of dead ripe peppers for best germination. Normally, this means when very red. Green peppers are not fully mature. If the peppers are fully mature, you do not have to let them get dry to harvest the peppers. Just remove the seeds, place on paper towels for at least a week to dry.
Good seeds will be hard and not easy to bend/dent. They can have brown coloration and still be ok. Size of the seeds depends on the cultivar.
I can tell by your pic that some of them are to thin and shriveled looking to be viable. Some of them look like they may be ok.

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