'Zowie' zinnia

sla762(z5 WI)October 7, 2007

OK - dumb question - but if I save these seeds to replant for next year, will I get this variety, or will it revert back to a parent plant.

(Sorry, not sure how all of this botany works - but would LOVE to learn!!!)

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Hi Sla,
It is a hybrid so you will get seedling variation. It won't revert back to a parent. It may look like a parent, just as some of your children's children may look like you.
When something reverts. It came from a sport. A sport is a mutation like when a branch of a plant makes a totally different flower. Roses sometimes do that. So you could be growing a red rose and one branch starts growing roses that look the same, but, let's say, are light pink.
That branch is saved and grown on its own. As it grows new pieces are cut off it to make new plants. If all the flowers still look pink, it is a stable sport. But sometimes what is supposedly stable and has been grown for sometime will revert back to the original variety.
Ok, that was probably more than you wanted to know, lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar Question about Zowie Zinnias

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sla762(z5 WI)

Thank you, remy -
I have seen your postings before and you obviously know what you are talking about. I will save teh seeds, and see what I get next year! Could there really be an ugly zinna?? Me thinks not!!! Thanks for the info. Maybe I will start researching the whole hybridizing thing afterall!!! Lookout hubby!!!

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I've become an obsessive seed collector over time. If you've seen my trade page, you know, lol.
I don't think I've ever seen an ugly zinnia either. : )
Good Luck next year,

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This spring I planted my zowie seeds I had collected from my plants.
I did get bicolor zinnia like the parent but the plants were not as vigorous or bloomy as the parent. I could have had a zinnia disease on the parent plant as they had brown spotted leaves. Not sure if this affected the seed.

I decided to go back to the 'profusion' zinnias. They have the look I'm after.


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