Crispy leaves

blutarskiDecember 31, 2007


For such an 'easy' plant, I'm flummoxed. I have a sans. hahnii that I repotted 2-3 weeks ago that is getting crispy at the tips of its leaves. The soil is still damp in the bottom half of the pot.

Another plant, which I haven't repotted, is getting wrinkly at the top of a leaf. I watered this plant on the 26th, after about a month. It is rootbound and the soil is dry.

Is this a water, light, aurora borealis issue? Did I scare it?

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

It is cultural. During the winter this plant must be kept dry, warm, you could have left some air holes in the soil, did you tap down the pot, this is not the time of year to be messing with this species. Hahnii are difficult to grow well, you just need the experience. You scared it to death.LOL Make sure the soil is tight in the pot. Use a pencil the eraser end to poke the soil in and down, and fill up any space with soil. Do not let water get down into the cup of the leaves, water from bottom only. as little as possible, it is okay to have the leave wrinkle.
It must be kept warm, however. Check and see what kind of soil you have in the pot, do not use Peat Moss. When it gets wet it is impossible to get damp again. Those roots may have been root bound in the soil. They may be too hot for this time of year, they may be getting too much sun.
There are many reasons why this species is difficult for you, but you are not the only one that has problems with it. Changing soil in the winter is not a good idea, unless you are an experienced grower. Staring cutting in the winter is not a good idea unless you have the experience to do so. I certainly hope I have been of some help, and gave you enough information to figure out what went wrong and it is not necessarily your fault. Norma

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Thanks Norma. The crisping has stopped, it seems. It is def. WARM in my office. I'll make sure the soil is tamped down and I won't do any more replanting until spring.

I was thinking that I had to get them out of the pots I bought them in, but now I know it doesn't really matter most of the time.

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