Local Chain Store Finds

woodnative(6)December 6, 2005

I have seen S. trifasciata "Moonshine" at a number of places this past season. S. "Golden Hahnii" has recently shown up at several local Home Depots/ Lowe's, and other large variety stores among other plants (I think this is "Angel Exotic(?)" line of plants?). I was surprised at the latter. However, in the produce section of the local food store, among the Christmas planters, I just found a large (relatively speaking) S. trifasciata 'Hahnii' "Jade Dwarf Marginated". This was completely unexpected amongst the usual ivies, Kalanchoes, and Scheffleras. Any unusual local finds elserwhere??

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client_m(z5A IL)

I just found a nice specimen of SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA BANTEL'S SENSATION at a local greenhouse that is heated and open year round. I'll have to check back in the spring to see if there are any new offerings.

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You are both lucky! I wonder sometimes how unusual plants turn up among the ordinary - do they get into the shipment by mistake, or are they from a little piece someone tripped over in the greenhouse aisle and stuck into a pot amongst those destined for a supermarket somewhere? But it's plain they were Meant for you!

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Yes! I just found a couple of Sans. Golden Hahnii's at HD! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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kjtessanne(8 Bryan, TX)

I just picked up what I believe is a large sans cylindrica at lowes the other day. Was I surprised to see them sitting there!


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More recently I have seen "Twisted Sister" show up at a couple local food stores and HD. I don't particularly like this cultivar, but I am surprised to see it. Fun group of plants.

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I got a sans moonshine and golden hahnii also. Both were small, under $3 and overwatered. They seem to be drying out OK. I was really excited. My collection is up to 7 sans-Not many compared to lots of you folks. You really don't see many different sans around here.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi All,

Well Toots, I gave a talk on Sans. last nite to my local Indoor Gardening Society (it went quite well, actually) & in closing I suggested that folks find a friend or 2 w/ whom they can swap some leaves. I hope to be doing some of this myself in a couple of months. Perhaps folks here would be open to trying the same (esp. those of you finding some of the less common Sans. in your areas now, how fortunate for you).

Unfortunately, about 1/2 my collection of 12 or 13 Sans. are not IDed, but maybe come Spring, we can try to work out a leaf swap among ourselves (but I'd only want to swap IDed leaves).

A friend who did some demos last nite while I spoke (dividing up overcrowded plants, while I cut up some offered leaves to share w/ the group) shared a leaf of his Bantel's Sensation (which I've been asking him for for some time now). I haven't found this one the easiest to grow, but it's one that's said to stay true to its variegation from leaf cuttings (not often the case). So I cut up my partial leaf tonite & am going to try it.

Anybody interested in this idea? If so, maybe I should start a separate thread?

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logan33(z6 OH)

Pirate girl,
I don't know firsthand but I read just this morning in the yahoo sans group that Bantel's Sensation doesn't propagate true from leaf cuttings. :(

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Last year I spotted a golden Hanii in 6" plastic container that was in good condition. Temptation run wild..... lol

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