Sansevieria cylindrica v. cylindrica is.....

norma_2006December 16, 2009

Coming into flower it is going to take a least a moth for them to open. S. cylindrica v cylindrica, Is it any thing special. should I keep the plant. Russ, if I follow what you do I would toss out most of mine, Very few are that special that make a statement that can be remembered. I just want a complete collection , the good , bad,and magnificient. I give them all love. Thank goodness Penny was not put down because she is not beautiful,was very sick, mother didn't want her either, has one bad eye so can't be a show cat winning ribbons. But she is loving. I want't a tropny wife either. Norma

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cyl loves to flower in winter i just found out that mine is about to and spike is already a feet high. looking forward to how high it becomes but the actual plant will not groww any futrher, and i wanted more than two leafs this time. so it means feeding the new one like hell next summer. off to bed now with th winter duvet last night i was freezing all the time. Helli

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I was given a cylindrica by a friend last year, and have discovered a small flower spike peeking out recently. It is in my greenhouse where I am anxious to watch it's progress. My other older sans bloom regularly each summer I put them outside.

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Again they will flower only grow on new growth, the old growth will put out offsets for you now after it flowers, and yes fertilize the plant, new soil mix may jump start it in Spring if it is warm enough. Perhaps a larger container? I give mine some indirect light all day, it only has three leaves to a growth, and was F/C given to me by the HBG I have several from different locations, and each are important to me. Norma

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Oh Norma do you mean me? Mine IS in a larger container on a southern window it has 13 leaevs the oldest grwoth died last summer 19 years atfer flworeing. I never put them outside its too clod adn rainy here even in what some people call summer. But I will plant that crwaly pea-leaved Senecio as undergrowth I think it looks so cute. Helli

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Hello. I have received three cyl leaf cuttings. I have never tried to grow a sans from a leaf before, but thought I would try. The cuttings had been out for about four days. I dipped them in rooting hormone and planted them in sightly moist soil mix. Do you mist them? They have good light. Any hints would be great. One came in corky, but the other two might make it. I just can't tell. Thanks. Terri

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Pls. don't mist them & don't water the soil. Both of those are likely to cause rot.

Simply leave the potted up leaves alone, off to the side somewhere, but where they can have bright, indirect light.

Pls. note this can take a VERY long time. Upwards of a year, so don't be surprised. Also, don't tug at the leaves after a while to see if they've rooted. The surest sign of rooting is the appearance of new growth.

Give them a bit of water every month, but that's it. One shouldn't really water them much more than that until one sees new growth.

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Norma, we put in a couple of s. cylindrica at the beginning of the summer. They get full sun all day and about 1/2 a day of sun. The one in the side bed, about 1/2 day of sun, is spreading everywhere! There are new plants coming up a couple of feet from the mother, 10-20 pups so far. The one in full sun is spreading but not as rapidly, they have both grown to 3-4' and show no signs of slowing down. no blooms yet though.
I've never had a sans grow this fast.
Tally HO!

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Look at all my babies! Lowe's had these last year for $6.98 in 1 gallon pots. I stuck several in the garden and now have them sprouting everywhere, the furthest is about 2' from the mother plant.
Tally HO!

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Helli, be careful what you use as undergrowth of Sans. One may like sun and dry and the other shade and only summer watering and little light. Senecio like full sun. and will start to grow now after they flower. Try a plant that likes water in the summer only, part shade, no winter watering. Or you will kill them both.
San. flower in the Winter because their DNA tells them to. It is summer in Africa, So. of the Equator makes it just the opposite of North of the Equator
no one tells them where they are. They go by the length of sun, or the length or darkness. San. send out runners when they grow in open ground. Some nodes are 2+ feet apart and others grow in clumps, do not run, some single. Some grow like bamboo with rummers others like Agave which they are a member of that family also with a runner or clump. They also attract the same bugs, Agave bettles and ants love their nector from their flower bases, it is sweet as honey. Tally Ho some Agave grow the same as some Sansevieria and Bamboo which is a grass. Good night all. Norma

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Thanks Norma, I had one of these in the garden and it's been a very slow grower. Then I put in 2 more and they have just taken off. I don't plant running bamboo, just clumping, the running stuff here is very, very invasive. I have a crinum that spreads with runners, it will pop up 10-12' away from the mother plant. The blue agave I have is one of my agaves that will sprout lots of pups far from the mom. Usually in the middle of the walkway!!

The sans are just starting to send up flower spikes. Once the flowers open you can smell them when you go outside or drive up to the house. Walmart had some in little tiny pots and one of them was blooming! I resisted the temptation to rescue it though.
Tally HO!

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mine does it! The first flowers opened yesterday. The smell in the vicinity is overwhelming.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Perhaps I will attempt to plant some of them in open run, I just don't want them to come up in the middle of the bedroom. or come up in the middle of the living room, I just put down hardwood floors. Norma

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