Salvia Ullignosa Seeds

peterls(N Yorks, UK)November 25, 2005

I saw this beautiful plant for the first time this year, and would love to get hold of some seed. I have Googled but cannot find any seed for sale anywhere, and it is not in any of the catalogues. As it is not hardy in this part of the country it is not offered as a plant. I am in the UK. Does anyone know who sells this in the UK, or would any kind person be willing to send me some seed. I have a range of perennial seeds I would be willing to send back in exchange.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I am sure it is available as a plant somewhere in the UK. As to the seed, try Google again, but use Salvia uliginosa as the search term.

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Thanks Rich. Yes it is available as a plant in the UK on Google, but plants are not very easy things to send by post. I really wanted seeds, so I could plant a drift of several plants interspersed with something like Verbena Bonariensis. I had originally Googled using only one l in the name. I saw someone in a previous post had used two ls and I used that as I was too lazy to check the spelling. But thanks for your comment.

A very nice gentleman from the UK - Robin Middleton has just e-mailed me to says that he thinks he will be able to send me some seed. I would like to publically thank him and also to say how much I appreciate this and the other forums. I have only recently taken up gardening but the knowledge and help that I have found in three years on the internet is greater than what would have been available in a lifetime for most people BG (Before Google).

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The correct spelling is uliginosa.


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