Agustache acapulco

sandra60102(4a and 3b)October 12, 2008

Can you help a newbie? I read up on agustache acapulco on the GardenWeb and it should have four seeds per style. I could not find the seeds in this abundance so I put several stems that contained many unopened flowers on each stem over white paper and even with this method found only two seeds. Do only a few of the four per style seeds mature, or is there a special gathering method I don't know about?

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Hi Sandra,
Agastache and all plants are programed to make up to a certain amount of seeds per flower. That doesn't mean they always do. If the flower doesn't get pollinated, the weather isn't right, and probably a few other reasons, there will not be as many seeds. There can even be no seeds, or nonviable seed. Also, some varieties of flowers seem to have seeds fall out more readily when ripe, so it is a good idea to check them often to collect seed.
Hope this helps,

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