advice for growing Iris from seed

mgood4u(z6-PA)October 24, 2005

I got some Iris fulva seeds and I want to try to germ. them. Anyone have any advice for germ. these? thanks!

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Dudleya(CA z8 mendocino)

Habitat: Moist areas in wetlands and along bayous.
Bloom: Mid April in Zone 7/8.
Flowers: d10 cm, drooping (pendant), typically orange-red viened darker also yellow and violet
Stem: h 50-90 cm, erect, nearly straight, flowers in axils
Leaves: h 45-80 cm, w 1.5-2.5, drooping tips
Rhizome: w 2 cm, greenish, bare, 12 cm annual growth
Capsule/Seeds: w 2.75, l 5 cm, green at maturity / seeds corky
2n = 42
Sun: Full but will tolerate some shade, afternoon shade in warmer climes
Soil type: Neutral to acid, lots of humus
Soil moisture: Moist but not wet. Mulch to retain moistureand protect rhizomes from sun burn.
Feeding: Heavy feeder, feed at onset of growth in fall andspring.
Hardiness: hardy
Seed germination: Plant seeds before they are allowed dry.
Transplant: Easy in fall or spring after bloom
Comments: Generally easy. Will grow in "border garden" conditions with additional water.


The seed pods should be carefully cut open and the seeds planted about 3/4 inch deep in pots of garden soil or potting mix. If the pots are kept moist, the seeds should begin to germinate with the first cool nights in October or November. The seedlings can be planted into the garden in early spring. Most can be expected to bloom the following spring.

Good luck they are beautiful. Get them growing and trade some seeds with me in the futre.

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I have not grown this variety, but I have noticed iris seeds that have been planted or fallen from my summer blooms are starting to sprout. I have been seeing iris sprouts all over the place. The October sprouting time probably applies to other varieties also

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