Eqyptian Papyrus

mysweetie75(tropics)October 28, 2004

Is it true? I can collect seeds from the Eqyptian Papyrus , is so where? Can anyone please tell me...

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I am not sure, but I THINK they are on the tips of the "Hairs" that stick out in tufts on the top??? They LOOK to me like the seeds! I wasn't planning on collecting the seeds, but maybe if you Google, you can find a pic of them.

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ok thanks. I might even try planting those tufts.

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Heathen1 is right - they are on the top tufts.

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At what time of the year do the seeds become mature? I have some very brown seeds on top of the tufts and some medium brown. Which one do I collect?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

A really easy way to propagate Papyrus is to invert a stem in a glass of water. New plants will grow from the head.

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These re-seed like crazy at the nursery I worked at, but the nursery also had quite the drainage problem in the greenhouse.

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