Last blooms of summer

mashamclAugust 24, 2009

My son started school today and a huge ash tree in my back yard is dropping its leaves... Fall must be coming, but here is what is still blooming.

Yves Piaget is really trying to make up for all the balling it did in spring

The first bloom on Fuzzy Wuzzy Red I got from the closeout sale at Nor'East. The color has some blue which completely disappeared in the picture. The moss fragrance is wonderful!

Regensberg is having a nice big flush

George Burns

Abraham Darby

Pat Austin cluster

Bishop's Castle

Golden Celebration

Gruss an Aachen

Coral salvia and artemisia

Purple Pavement

Sheila's Perfume

And another Sheila gone single in the heat

Crown Princess Margareta

Christopher Marlowe and a dahlia

Another bed with Outrageous, two Imposters, Yves Piaget and Sheila's Perfume. There is a lonely bloom of Heritage in the upper righthand corner


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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Wow! Very nice blooms mashamcl! Yes, fall is just around the corner.


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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Mashamcl, these are the best most GORGEOUS roses I've seen posted yet. I went down the list and tried to pick out a favorite, but couldn't they are all just AWESOME each and everyone. BOY! makes me ashamed to post my rags after seeing your's. I don't know what your doing to grow these kind of roses; but let me know when you write a book and I'll buy it for sure. THANK for making my day.

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Masha, what a wonderful group of roses! Thank you for posting these beauties. My undoubted favorite is Crown Princess Margareta, which is fabulous. I actually saw a specimen today at a nursery, a rather sorry plant with not a single rose or bud but if I had seen this picture before I left I would have bought it without doubt or question. My Yves Piaget, which I bought recently, now has new growth and nine buds, and I can't wait to see flowers like yours.


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Wow, beautiful blooms Masha! They really do like the fall, don't they? I love that coral salvia you have. I have a darker coral one. But I like your lighter colored one better.

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Your roses are gorgeous----thanks for sharing---lovely photography.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Yves Piaget is strutting his stuff!!! One truly gorgeous rose.

Is Crown Princess Margareta as gorgeous? That's one I'd really like to see.

Beautiful cactus dahlia.

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Thank you, everybody!

Ingrid and iris_gal, my CPM is a true monster. It sends huge thick canes in EVERY direction. I grow two as climbers and have trouble keeping them contained. I haven't really had "flushes" of bloom from her, just scattered blooms off and on all summer. The blooms are nice orangey apricot, not loud, very unusual color, smaller than Yves and not so fragrant to my nose. Foliage is clean. Few thorns, which is great for such a huge rose.


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Masha, awesome roses as always! I just don't get it, how you make your roses flowering so profusely in the heat for you.

Your Yves Piaget is gorgeous. I especially like the third photo with the white flowers in the back ground. Is this a white Hydrangea?

Today the picture of Bishop's Castle really captured my heart. What a lovely rose!

The coral salvia together with artemisia is a stunning sight, what an interesting plant combo that I have never seen together. Well done!

I love the romantic look of Crown Princess Margareta. So many petals and such an unusual color. Truly an outstanding rose.

Thanks for posting!

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