Malabar Spinach Vine Seeds

goldengirl60October 17, 2005

This is my first year growing this awesome vine. The only info I have on collecting seeds from it is wear gloves because they will stain yours hands purple. I noticed today that there are some seeds on my vine. I picked a couple(with gloves one) and sure enough they are purple and juicy. But I was wondering if they are really ready to be picked since they are so soft and juicy. What should I do??? Wait or pick now. We had a light frost last night!!!!


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Malabar spinach seeds are round and black, if I remember right. If you are entering into the cool damp season, it is going to be hard for them to dry on your plant. If it were me, I would pick & dry what I could so at least I would have something.
You might also propagate cuttings & bring some indoors. They root in perlite as well as water.

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I think my seeds are falling off before they dry. I went ahead and picked a few and let them dry in a bowl in my kitchen without removing the pulp but maybe I should've removed that before they dried. Anyone know?
From what I've read, I'll get volunteers but I'd like to also save some seeds to trade with and have been told they will have a low germination rate so I want to be sure and do it right. Has anyone saved seeds that they got good germination with?

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Hi Christie,
You need to clean the seeds of the pulp and then let the seeds dry. I'm not sure where you read you will have low germination rate from seeds you save, but I don't think that is true. From what I've read it is easy to start from seed so your seed as long as mature and properly saved is just as good as purchased seed.

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Thanks Remy! I only have one plant that I bought at a Farmer's Market. The lady there is the one that told me I would get volunteers and that usually less than half of her seeds would germinate but I don't know if she was buying her seeds or saving them.
It's a pretty plant. I have the one with red stems. I may try to root some cuttings and see if I can keep it as a houseplant over winter.

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Christie, were you able to overwinter your Malabar ?

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I know this is not seed exchange but I hope this note can be made an exception. All seed sellers sell Malabar Spinach by pkts of 50 or 60 with expensive postal charge.

I would like to try growing Malabar Red Spinach on tellis by a side wall as an edible "sun block" and need only 4-5 seeds. I can send you sweet basil and dill seeds in exchange. Pls PM me if anyone can spare some seeds. Thanks.

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Try the Seed Exchange Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Seed Exchange

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I should be receiving some Malabar spinach seeds in the mail shortly. I am going to try growing it indoors add it is too late in the season for outside. Any one who had tried this before and had advice would be much appreciated!

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