Rooting some Sans. in Pumice

pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)December 23, 2011

I had these tied up together standing in some pumice to root & here they are having started.

I didn't mark the date when I started but I'd guess it was sometime last Spring. I think I'd heard to plant them shallowly, in just a couple inches of mix, so I did in couple of inches of pumice. Coming along nicely I think.

Oops, sorry I thought I'd rotated that shot.

just one

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I am the one who suggested 2" of soil. But I cut them into 6" pieces, and put 3 to a rose pot. What ever works for you.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, great work, Karen.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I thought it might have been your suggestion Norma (to plant them in shallow mix), but wasn't sure.

Yes, Josh thanks. Easy to do once one does the whatever to the Sans. & then sets them aside & forgets about them, they seem to like that best. Benign neglect indeed!

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Hello out there, This is my first time on the Sanseveria site with a question so here it is, I recently purchased a sanseveria bantel's sensation and then repotted it to find out it had no root system started yet at all so I was wondering will this species root easily without any problems or do I need to do anything special for the plant like bring it in doors for the winter months. I live in zone 9-10 here in riverside, ca. I did bring it in the garage last month in Dec. when it got supper chilly here, somewhere around 37 degrees at times early in the mornings, right now it's been around 44 at night. Lately I've been thinking about taking it back out since it warmed up again.
So do I need to just add water once it drys out and be patient or what?
Thanks alot for the help

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

You came to the right place. Karen and Norma can and will help you out here. I'll put my 2 cents in for what's it's worth.
'Bantel's Sensation' is a fussy plant for me. It needs very warm and dry conditions during winter time. I would keep it inside. Those lows you reported is more than enough to kill it and the damage may already be done. The leaves may turn soft and die. If it was in good shape and your lucky, maybe you can save it. Use the fast draining mix Karen can tell you about. Best of luck and keep us informed.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Thank you stush 2049, I feel better already and I am looking forward to read what the others may add .
Karen & Norma, I hear you guys have what I've been looking for so a little anticipation is at work here too, and I do appreciate any help you may offer.
So far she still looks fine, I was considering pulling het back out of the soil to see if there's been any roots since I repotted her about 3 months ago but I've held myself back and I'm just hoping she was waiting for spring to get busy.
Any other info. Is greatly welcomed.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Since this is at the bottom of another thread, They may not be viewing. You may want to post as a new thread. Keep Karen's advice above in rooting in pumice. At least until roots appear. Hold back on watering. It can form roots without water.
Also Greg, I don't take my own advise. I can't help to water more than I should.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Pirate girl, was just wondering, I havent been watering my sans lately but when you said, Rooting some sans in pumice, are you watering at all? Or are you just stating that you root them using pumice only, and water when needed? I'm sorry for the dumb question because I understand that they would need water sooner or later but was thinking maybe no water until roots started appearing on your sans.
I was re-reading this post and I noticed that Stush mentioned to hold off on watering at least until roots appeared and that they could form roots without water. So is this the way these plants develop roots by keeping them dry? Please remember I'm a newbie, and I'm trying to compete in a growing contest.
Thanks again,


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I'm not in the contest & this is getting to be a bit much for me.

I know you're new, it's not a dumb question, but there's no 'water as needed' since this had no roots when I started. A plant w/out roots cannot take up water.

No it's not withhold water 'til you see roots, it's 'til you see new growth. One will not know when roots happen, one WILL see when new growth happens & that is the single best indicator of something having rooted.

Also, pls. DO NOT remove the plant from the rooting to check for roots, that would actually break the new roots we're trying to establish.

AFTER I see the first new growth, then I put some water in the saucer & let it absorb from the bottom up (known as bottom watering).

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Thats what I needed to hear Pirate girl your the best!!! Thats simple and I can do that. That makes sense that a plant cant take up water w/out roots, that is so simple but yet profound at the same time, I never knew that, and until I see growth, not roots very good info. I would not have known that either, Lastly, the bottom watering was also cleared up for me too I was wondering how that was done :/ you dont want to know but it wasn't how you described it. Well everybody has to learn some how and for that I am thankful to you and for your time and experience. Pirate girl I hope you have one of the best weekends you've ever had in a long time, and IF I should win this contest you will be getting one of my acknowledgements for "the most help."

Again, Thank you very much.


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