How to store seeds and for how long?

dkotchey(z5)October 30, 2005

This is my first time collecting seeds. I have collected perennials and annuals. Where should I store these after they have completely dried? I have an unheated laundry room with a closet that I could keep them in? Is that cool enough? I also have an unheated garage - will that be too cool or cool enough?

Also, how long should the seeds be store before they can be sowed? I usually winter sow starting in Jan and some indoor sowing in Jan and Feb. Will they be ready by then?


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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Cool and dry is the key. Either place is fine. Mine are always in the fridge or freezer. Avoid wildly fluxuating temps and high humidity. So if one place keeps a more steady temperature (even if it's a tad warmer) then use that space for your seed storage.
Don't worry as long as the seeds have matured sufficiently they are ready for replanting. There is no storage requirement before resowing per se. Are you instead thinking about stratification where you might give certain seeds periods of cold and wet and then warmth to break dormancy and encourage germination??

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So, storing seeds in the freezer is ok? I have many heirlooms that I won't be using until I move to N. Carolina early in the year,so I have them frozen.

How can I transport them cross country without damaging them?

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Some seeds cannot be stored in the freezer. For example, gourd seeds would die being stored in this manner. Also, some seeds do better stored in mesh bags instead of air tight containers.
There are a few good seed saving books out there. The first is
Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth and the other is Saving Seeds
by Marc Brown. Both have wonderful descriptions on how to store seeds of different varieties.

Maybe if you tell us what type of seeds you have we can give some better advice.

I store my seeds in my cool, dark basement. Works well for me.

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I package mine in paper coin envelopes and store them in an airtight box on the main floor of my house. Works for me - some of the more obscure varieties may have to be cold stored - some may not store well at all, and need to be planted right away - but MOST seeds are fine if kept relatively cool and dry.

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Storing seeds in old newspapers also seems to work well... recycling paper in the meantime.

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Hello and Good Day,

I came across this thread about how to store seeds for a long period of time. I read what was posted back in 2005 and need a little more clarification on how to store for catastrophe events. I have just purchased a number of seeds to begin gardening as well as storage of the seeds. I have the gardening side down but question my ability to "correctly" store my investment. I have purchased heirloom seeds and would like to know how to clean and store them to last at least 3 years. Could someone please tell me what is the best method of storing seeds for preservation?

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I want to take the seeda out of something i planted and store them for next year.How do i do this without them going mad?

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