how to get black and blue seeds to germ.

hummersteveNovember 7, 2007

Last year I tried a couple different batches and never could get any to fully germ. I saw some start to sprout green but they just seemed to stop. I didnt use any bottom heat , dont have any, just shop lights a few inches above them. Any suggestions why I didnt have any luck?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

First, were the seeds dark brown or black and elliptical? A lot of people mistake the gynobase, the part that the seeds are or were attached to as a seed, Inspection will reveal an irregular structure. It swells if the seeds are not fertilized.

Is there any mold on the seeds? The glutinous seed coating swells and persists for about a week on most Salvia seeds. If the ripening seed gets wet, even from too much dew, mold spores will get incorporated in the seed coat. Throw out seed with any white fuzz on them.

Finally, seed will germinate best in temps over 70 degrees, better in the low 80s. Plant them on top of the medium with just a light dusting of milled spaghnum and mist enough to keep the spaghnum damp.

Finally, as you said, bottom heat (about 85 degrees) works well.

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nuthatch_mo(Z-6 MO)

Last year I tried about a dozen seeds that I collected from my B&B. 8 of them germinated. I just filled peat pots with damp potting soil, placed the seed on top, them pressed on them to make sure they were in contact with the soil. Put a plastic dome over them and misted them every couple of days to keep moist. Kept them on a sun porch, without lights or bottom heat. All 8 were fine and came true to B&B. Gave all but 2 away. B&B is about the only Salvia that is easy to find in my area. So I won't try it again, will save the space for something more rare.

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I tried everything mentioned except bottom heat, I didnt want to spend the money for it considering most of the seeds I trieds germed ok. I ended up just buying the b & b plants and had great success with those. I do have a few seeds from those plants.

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