Wild weather week.

desertsage(7b USDA Sunset 10)November 1, 2009

I am 5 miles from New Mexico and 50 miles from Old Mexico at 4500 ft in the Chiricahua Mtns. First 50+ mph winds, followed by an Alaskan freight train. I had a low of 24 that is unheard of in October. We donÂt usually get a freeze until late November, early December. Gone till next year S. leucantha, S. guaranitica, S. dorisiana. All the S. greggii had the buds burned, but after 3 days and 78 degree temps are blooming again. S. microphylla are on the fence not quite mush, but close. I do have some S. elegans in pots on a cart I rolled into the barn at night.

I am still getting 3 hummingbird species and about 20 birds coming to the feeders that I put in the barn also. Still getting Magnificent, AnnaÂs, and Black-chin.

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Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the vagaries of the weather, Desertsage. However, here is a tale to re-address the balance.

Up to about five or so years ago, I could guarantee a frost in mid-September to blacken off all my more tender salvias.

In more recent years the frosts have kept away until the latter part of October - adding much to the enjoyment of my later flowering salvias.

Last year was exceptional in that it was a heavy snowfall on 28th October that flattened my outdoor salvias.

Now this year is exceptional yet again in that I have not yet had anything to knock out the beauties. If only it would continue so in order that those plants which I grow outside solely for their wonderful foliage i.e.dorisiana, gravida and leucantha could flower in situ. Sadly, I think I ask too much - need a bit more global (i.e. Hertfordshire) warming for that.


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Today I was in shorts and a tank top. It IS November, correct?...

I'm not missing the weather in northern Germany, that's for sure. I don't believe i ever saw a salvia there... mostly rhododendrons.

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That puts you somewhere near Cave Creek on the east side of the mountains. What wonderful country.

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desertsage(7b USDA Sunset 10)

Back to 75-80 this week. Yes wardda, Sulphur Canyon and Portal Peak.

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