Worth saving Dahlia and Aster seeds?

greenbug(zone 6_CT)October 25, 2008

Hi All,

Today I went out to cut the top off of my Dahlias so as to start the process of winterizing the tubers. We had our first frost on Monday.

I noticed many of the seed pods had matured and were holding seed!!

I feel tempted to collect them but not sure if it is worth since these Dahlias had been started from a seed packet bought at Walmart and I remember they were the Hybrid kind.

Is it worth saving the seed and planting them?

I also have some dried aster plants with some dried flowers on them. I am not sure which part is the seed and what I should collect.

Any tips?

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Hi Greenbug,
The dahlia seeds could make interesting babies and might be worth saving. You might want to ask over on the Winter Sowing forum if anyone has done that with dahlias and what their results were. There are a lot of seed savers/swappers that frequent that forum.
The asters(I'm assuming annual aster, Callistephus chinensis) have sort of flattish gray rice or orzo shaped seed mixed in with all the chaff in the base of where the flower was.

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