Red Yucca Seed Sprouted Inside Packet

manda3(8a DFW Texas)October 31, 2010

I collected some Red Yucca seed back in September and again in October. I opened up the September packet and found that half the seeds had sprouted and possibly died (I don't know). None sprouted in the October one. And I found another pod, opened it up, and they were already sprouted inside the pod.

My question is, can they still be viable? I'm thinking not. Also, is this a normal thing for these guys. This is my first year saving seeds. Thanks so much. :)

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I am just guessing here. It sounds like you did not let your seeds dry completely before storing them. For the ones that didn't sprout may be viable and you may be able to plant the ones now that have sprouted. Though like I said that is just taking a guess.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Many of the wild plants in the deserts of Southern Arizona had seed that sprouted almost immediately. I seem to recall that some of these were Yucca. It has been a long time since I lived there but the account in the OP doesn't strike me as strange.

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Now that you mention that albert, I remember during the summer I was shelling some black eyed peas. I simply rinsed them and left them in the strainer overnight to drain. You know the next morning several had actually germinated like that, lol. I was dumb founded, but it didn't stop me from cooking them, fresh black eyed peas are gooood.

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manda3(8a DFW Texas)


Heh. I can't really tell which ones sprouted and which ones didn't. I pulled off most of the brown strings before I realized what it meant. Anywho, hopefully I'll have enough Yucca for my new bed behind the garage this spring. Can't wait to see that line of red. :)

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