virginia creeper seeds- anybody ever harvest these?

yvette_adams(z5 Quebec)October 30, 2008

Just wondering if anyone can remind me about this. I've done it in the past, but apparently I'm having a senior moment!

Can I harvest the little blue berries now (they are round and plump) or do I have to wait till they shrivel like raisons?

If it makes any difference, the leaves have already fallen from my creepers.

Thanks in advance, Gardenfriends!

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You can harvest the seeds when the leaves have turned red according to the New England Wilflower Society guide to trees and shrubs. They have to be cold stratified.

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yvette_adams(z5 Quebec)

Thanks for your speedy and helpful reply.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I harvested some this year and also plucked them when the berries were blue. Inside the blue berry, in a few, was a hard seed. Some of the berries had soft seeds that I could easily crush. I took these hard seeds and dropped them in water. Only a few sank, so those are what I saved to germinate. The fatter berries had the better seeds.

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