Ordering by mail?

blutarskiDecember 3, 2007

Is this successful, or not worth the 2day express shipping? I'd really love a smallish snake tongue for my office, and I can't find anything other than birds nest varieties or plants that are already 3-4 feet.

Again, I'd order by mail, but leery of getting a dead plant in the mail

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Ordering by mail works fine....although Spring is probably better. It is too cold over much of the U.S. right now. "Silver Princess" is a dwarfish trifasciata type plant. There are a couple of smallish "spoon leafs". Some of the other species and varieties grow slowly and stay small for a long time, so they may be ok too.
If you have other plants (not necessarily Sansevieria), it may be easy to set up a trade here for some plants. However, once again, Spring is probably a better time.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I'll send you one free, Snake Plant, or 'Mothers-in-law tongue what ever you call it, if you are willing to pay for the postage. I have that species. I will put it in a Priority mail package. Do not split plants now if you are not an experienced grower, I certainly agree with that advise. It is not worth the express mail charge, the plant is not worth that much money either. I do not expect a trade. Get a very small young plant and put it in a small pot to keep it that way. Norma

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