stonefruit seeds

wildlifeman(5b)October 18, 2008

how should stonefruit seeds be saved ?

should the flesh be cleaned off and how ?

did a search on the forum but the messages always came up missing regarding this subject.



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Hi Wildlifeman,
Stone fruit(peaches, plums, etc.) are in the rose family and need to be treated in the same manner. The seeds can not dry out. They must be sown once harvested out of the fruit. They need a cold period to germinate. Great success can be had using the Wintersowing method.

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for myself i do plant soon after eating the fruit. and i do sow in a permanent location ,so no transplanting. momma nature stratifies my pits more effectively than i can.

i'm saving some seeds for others and some are from clingstones which are a bit of a mess. i imagine a cleaner pit would just be for aesthetics but should germinate fine.

i'm not familiar with the wintersowing method.

thanks and regards,


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Hi Wildlifeman,
I would just make sure the time between cleaning and giving to others isn't long enough to cause the seed to dry. Pkging in moist dirt in a baggie with a few airholes would do the trick if you need to hold them for a bit.
Wintersowing is planting in a covered(with air holes) container outside to do a natural stratification. In general there is a high percentage rate of germination. I personally don't have much luck with direct sowing, so I love the witersowing method.

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