growing tom. from saved seed

dons916(9)October 11, 2008

Last year was my first year of using my own seed.I didn't get the production that I though I should have. Store bought Heirlooms did better.

I saved the seed from a good tom. and it ripened on the vine. I though I did a good job at that.

If the seed grows to a healthy plant Shoulden it be a good producter?

I enjoyed doing this,But I need to find the problem.

This is my first and I sure like gardening and saving seed is making it even better.

I retired so I have time to great lots of problems for myself

I sure could use your help anyone any everyone

Thanks Don

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

The fact that you save seed from a good tomato, on a good producing plant, means nothing if the plant you are growing is a hybrid.

If you saved seeds from a hybrid last year, and then grew plants from those saved seeds this year, chances are you got a variety of different tomatoes, with different characteristics. Seeds saved from hybrids often do not come true when the next generation is grown.

A member, Trudi_d has a tomato seed offering with a choice of up to 6 different varieties.

You might want to check out her list of available varieties, and pick some of interest to you. I'd suggest you doing that instead of growing seeds saved from a hybrid.

Expanded List of Tomatoes for SASE

Store bought Heirlooms did better.
You grew tomatoes from store bought heirloom plants, or started plants from store bought heirloom seeds? Either way, if you saved seeds of the heirloom varieties, you should have the same success next season, weather and all being similar....and if they did not happen to cross pollinate.


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I did say these were Heirloom. I know it's a wast to save Hybrid

Yes I grew both I try to buy at lest two different Heirloom every year. Then I save those seed for next year.
Sorry I didn't make myself clear.
The SEEDS from the previous years HEIRLOOM plants that I saved did not produce like the Heirloom PLANTS I bought this year.All were planted in the same location Roughly five feet apart. I don't think mine look quit as good ,But they were nice healthy plants (5)
After reading my post I can see I didn't make myself clear. Tried to make it short.

So after A better explanation what do you think

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

If the seed you saved and started plants from was the same variety as the plants you bought, then they should have performed about the same....neither one really being any better than the other.

Some folks will even say that the ones started at home are even better because sometimes commercial growers will spray them with something to keep them all a uniform size. Lots of folks think their seedlings are much better than the store bought ones. I have read that winter sown tomatoes seem to be 'stronger', more productive plants, and often overtake the store bought plants once they are both planted out and get started growing.

Sorry I misunderstood b4.


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