Caladium pollen - viability and storage?

onlychange(7a VA)January 11, 2010

Hello all

I currently have a thai hybrid caladium "Phayamol" with an inflorescence. My problem (as new to breeding caladiums) is that I dont know how long pollen is viable in the fridge/freezer.

Are they like colocasias/alocasias where the pollen is good when sealed airtight and chilled for around 3 months in ~33-40 degrees?

I have scoured the internet, and can find a lot of information verifying the 3 month rule on elephant ears, but nothing much for caladiums.

Any help/shared experience would be greatly appreciated, i have about 3-5 days until my inflorescence opens and pollen can be collected (given its not a sterile hybrid..which i will find out).

I got my caladium to bloom within 2-3 weeks by application of 450ppm GA3 foliar spray. Same for my Alo. watsoniana (which will also have its pollen collected for hybridization).

Thanks in advance, everyone,


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